Car Insurance cheap and easy

Car insurance tips for stolen, Panic Of course you will experience a conscious compilation of private cars that are usually ridden not in place and have certainly changed hands to irresponsible parties alias stolen, sad reason Did you know that the lost car has not paid off its credit payment, worried the reason for fear of not being able to claim, indeed entered reasonable but calm because usually in every leasing company, four-wheeled vehicles that have not paid off the installments are still approved by the premiums and can be a solution if you fix a disaster like this.

released from the coverage insurance magazine, the initial step must also be done immediately is to report to the lender of the incident also or exclusively contact the insurance provider of your four-wheeled vehicle, try to within three X 24 hours after canceling the theft, so as not to is a disruption in the premium claim process. to make the process of filing a claim easier using an official letter of Presence of the police, the reason for the police agency is that the only institution that submitted it was to declare the status of missing a four-wheeled vehicle that was stolen.

After receiving a police letter, prepare important documents such as the Motor Vehicle premium policy, photocopy of vehicle registration, and SIM included in one report to the four-wheeled vehicle premium company. after the document submission process is complete, the police will also cover the costs of the coverage that befell you, make sure the validity of the incident. If it is proven to be synchronous using the clause as well as the resolution of the origin of the theft victim (PSAKBI and KUHP reference), then the total lost claim is stolen can be processed. You become the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle, will be given a letter of introduction from the premium to help make the vehicle registration letter from the local police

General insurance claims can be disbursed since 14 days or 21 days The presence of the event day, when the documents needed to support the claim have passed. however, if the four-wheeled vehicle was found within a period of 60 days, you can change the type of claim, as long as the total lost is stolen to a partial loss. agar Damage that occurs during the destruction process can be compensated by the insurance contribution.